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The Acorn Philosophy


The Staff at Acorn wants school to be a positive growth experience for each child. We know that each child has unique, special gifts and his/her own learning style. We try to provide a learning environment that capitalizes on children’s strengths. 


Class size is small and the academic program is personalized for the needs and abilities of each child. Children learn that diversity among people is an exciting and fun reality of life. Creative thinking and differences in viewpoint are celebrated at Acorn.


Giving children the freedom to determine some of their own actions in the learning environment fosters self control and gives the child a chance to learn to make responsible choices.

Academic growth is promoted by giving children more and more responsibility to schedule their own time, to meet deadlines, and to learn to make commitments and keep them. A strong academic curriculum is designed to stretch the child intellectually as she/he experiences success at each step of the way.

Social growth is fostered as each child is held responsible for the consequences of his or her behavior toward other children and staff. Children at Acorn are expected to be sensitive to rights and feelings of others. We also try to help the child tune into his or her own needs and feelings and to communicate these as the child learns to interact assertively within the school community.

Creativity is promoted best in an atmosphere where a child feels free to make mistakes without recrimination. Any original idea is appreciated as the product of a unique and wonderful process of the mind. Children are encouraged to respect their classmates and encourage creative thought.

Children catch the spirit of encouragement and become encouragers themselves in a non-competitive learning environment, children learn to support and praise each other’s efforts to master the academic and physical challenges of life.

These are goals to be worked toward. We also recognize the human dynamic of each teacher’s personality. Teachers express their own strengths and personal styles through their work with children. We also are growing and becoming as we have the privilege to accompany your children on their exciting journey.

"We started our daughter in preschool at Acorn. She was so shy and timid and had a hard time believing she could make friends. In the past 3 years of going to this school she has blossomed and grown so much! She thrives in the small classroom environment with loving teachers and positive learning models. She has made great friends and is certainly breaking out of her shy, timid little shell. We've been so grateful for this wonderful little school!"


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